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Car Insurance Claim Procedure

The claim is an attempt to recover damages policyholder to the insurance company because of an accident or theft of the insured car.

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What is the procedure of filing a claim to be made by the policyholder?

Car Insurance Claim Procedure

Car Insurance Claim Procedure

Contact the insurance company

If you have an accident or the car is stolen, you should do first is to contact the insurance company concerned within 3 x 24 hours (can be via phone, SMS, email, or come directly to the company). This is to avoid your car insurance claim denial reasons because they pass over a predetermined time period.

Provide photographic evidence

when a car accident and was still able to walk, you should take the car to a repair shop the insurance company partners. If your car is heavily damaged, preferably a photo or document first. This photo will be the proof that indeed an accident.

fill out the form

You also need to fill out a form provided by the insurance company. This form as one complete document to the success of your claim.

Provide clear information

The next thing you should do is to provide information about the sequence of events in an insurance company in good faith. This would be a consideration whether the insurance company of your claim is rejected (because giving fictitious information) or received (because it provides information that makes sense).

Preparing documents

You also need to complete the documents offered by the insurance company. As these documents are as follows:

Documents accident

- Claim form that have been filled. The new claims process will be the insurance companies, if the policyholder already fill the claim form to complete.

- Copy of car insurance policy. This document to prove that he was indeed a customer of the insurance company. Besides, to determine whether the premium has been paid according to the agreement or not.

- Copy of driver’s license. This document to determine whether or not he was allowed by the police for driving a car.

- Copy of vehicle registration. It also became evident that the car belonged to him or not.

- Certificate from the police. This document is also a consideration to indemnify the company or not.

Documents third party liability (if any third party)

- A letter of indemnity claims from third parties. This document makes a guarantee that it is true that resulted in damage to the policyholder against third party automobile.

- A letter of no insurance. Usually there are some insurance companies will not be compensation if the third party has car insurance. Therefore, this document becomes an important requirement.

- Copy of driver’s license, ID card, and vehicle registration. Driver’s license to ensure that the correct driver already has a permit from the police. ID cards and registration is proof that the car was his property.

- Letter from the police. This letter proves that indeed at the time and in that place is no accident to the car.